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The Only Fungus/Smelly Feet Supplement On Clickbank

This strange niche has been pulling 7-8 figures a month for top affiliates on Native, Emailing and Facebook.

Emotionally humiliating shame lead (Your feet smells like a skunk!) guarantees conversions on any traffic source you have. We spent over 7 figures in traffic to get this winning variation, and after many copywriters attempting to beat the control. You will be foolish not to at least give it a test.

What is Keravita Pro?

Inspired by Vietnamese rice-workers, who despite the fact that they stay with their hands and feet in muddy waters even 12 hours every day and have great skin... this exotic supplement is designed to support healthy skin and nails.

It works very well and has a low refund rate, so you get to keep most of the commissions you make.


Commissions start at 65%. If you are doing volume and are a proven affiliate, we can bump you higher. The maximum average order value is $664, and many affiliates are getting more than $3 EPC. Average commission paid out to affiliates is over $134. Facebook media buyers have consistently reported more than 150-200% ROI.

Current Traffic Restrictions

  • No YouTube Traffic
  • No Incent
  • No Brand Bidding
  • No spam

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Facebook Ads Headline Options

  • This Vietnamese Rice Tonic Helped Me With My Fungus
  • Amazing Results From Vietnamese Fungus Tonic
  • Space Station Fungus Tonic Shows Promising Results
  • Purifying Vietnamese Fungus Tonic Shows Amazing Results
  • Drinking This Anti-Fungus Tonic Before 1PM Gave Me Amazing Results
  • Weird Vietnamese Breakfast Tonic Helped Me Control My Fungus
  • How This Space Station Brew Changes The Fungus Game
  • I Got Control Over My Fungus With This Purifying Brew
  • I Keep The Fungus In Check By Doing This Sock Habit
  • I Drink This Fungus Tonic Every Time Before Putting Shoes On
  • This Unusual Morning Habit Helps Me Keep My Fungus In Check
  • This Weird Purifying Ritual Keeps Fungus In Check
  • How Did I Manage My Fungus? With This White Spice!
  • This Vietnamese Brew Helped Me Activate My Fungus Purifying Cells
  • This Anti-Fungus Habit Helps Me Every Day
  • This Unusual Vietnamese Brew Keeps Fungus In Check

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